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Does your Landy turn heads for all the wrong reasons?


Has your truck “seen better days”?


While we believe that all classics hold a certain amount of beauty, it’s sometimes hard to recognize the aesthetic benefits of a knackered bulkhead or a broken chassis.


We can breathe new life into whatever you drive. Whether you want a truck that looks like it did the day it rolled off of the line or you just want to feel a little safer going down the road we can take care of you!


Do you love your Land Rover but wish it was more capable off-road or looked a bit sleeker downtown? Whether you’re into roll cages, winch bumpers and lockers or body kits, LED lighting and 20” wheels we are here for you.


No matter what social circle your Land Rover spends it’s time in we are custom Land Rover restoration specialists and we can make your truck the best of the bunch.